Modern Spartan Systems TVT Engine/ Vehichle Oil Additive  

True SUPER-HERO chemistry with the power to protect, enhance and optimize vehicle performance – even save lives!

 “This is some of the most advanced molecular based, friction reduction, surface strengthening, metal conditioning technologies ever to be developed, and also happens to be GREEN”

  • Optimizes Vehicle Performance
  • Can greatly Extend Vehicle Life
  • Can save lives

TVT Engine Oil Additive advantages:

(Add to engine, front and rear ends, differential, power steering, radiator, gas tank, manual transmission)

  •  Reduces Engine Noise & Vibration
  • Improves Fuel Efficiency
  • Lowers Operating Temperatures
  • Increases Horse Power and Torque
  • Smoother Operation and Lower RPMs
  • Protects against Friction and Wear
  • Emergency Protection to Run Vehicle if Oil is Lost
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Extend Asset Life
  • American ingenuity & American made at its BEST

Additional “GOOD Stuff” to know

Our formulas contain the most powerful and revolutionary chemistry available.  The blunt explanation of what differentiates our products from “other” lubricants is that our additive changes the surface structure characteristics of metal, making it harder, smoother and tighter on a microscopic level and reducing friction by 85-90%.  TVT Engine formula is a “game-changer”, especially when it comes to engines and other vehicle systems.  In engines, front ends, rear ends, differentials, manual transmissions (not automatic), in gas tanks, master-cylinders, power steering, radiator… our additive translates into more HP, torque, and fuel efficiency, lower operating temps, huge asset life extension… and often a much quieter and smoother ride.  We have seen engines run for hundreds and even thousands of miles with no oil in it once treated – we have seen operating temps drop 20 degrees in alcohol engines and 40 degrees in gas engines - Our chemistry is a big deal!


Note – Our formula does not contain: ethers, graphite, Teflon,  zinc, fluoropolymers, EPA targeted chains, solids or molys. Not a HAZMAT reportable product. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200 – lists no ingredient of this product hazardous. Not DOT regulated as dangerous goods.  We use magic molecules!