Moder Spartan Systems Cleaner"Nothing Left"


“Our STEALTHY Final Rinse cleaner that leaves NO TRACE BEHIND”

This is an aerospace certified water-based cleaner/degreaser that was designed to safely replace chlorinated solvents.  It is a final rinse cleaner that leaves zero residues.

  • Effective
  • Proven
  • Powerful

Nothing Left advantages:

  • Designed to remove dirt, oils and light grease
  • Penetrates deep into the substrate to clean out micro pores and gaps
  • Removes natural & synthetic compounds
  • Water-based solvent - safe on all metals, most plastics, rubber…
  • Earth & people friendly
  • Conforms to NASA test protocol for cleaning liquid oxygen systems
  • Great surface prep product for painting or coatings…
  • American ingenuity & American made at its BEST

Additional “GOOD Stuff” to know

NOTHING LEFT is a water-based, non-toxic, biodegradable, cleaning solution for use on metal and other hard surfaces. This “stealthy” cleaner has a great industrial pedigree and can replace chlorinated solvents and other environmentally objectionable cleaning solvents in specific cleaning applications. It is used to remove hydrocarbon and other organic residue as well as inorganic material from surfaces and is non-corrosive to a wide array of metals, plastics, rubber and other materials. It is no “light weight” as it conforms to NASA test protocol for use in cleaning liquid oxygen systems and is accepted by the U.S. Navy as a pre-cleaner for oxygen systems. Among its many applications, this formula is used in the air line industry to clean outer surfaces of aircraft and surface prep bare metal prior to painting. NOTHIN LEFT is the final surface prep solution in the process of maximizing the benefits of the Suppressor Shield Pre-treat Kit.