Modern Spartan Systems Firearm Cleaner Copper Lead Destroyer 

WEAPON OF CHOICE for busting out Copper & Lead

This is an advanced, Nose-People-Earth-friendly, BMS (Barrel Metal Safe), multi-metal & multi-contaminant rapid dissolution technology

  • Powerful
  • Effective
  • Safe

 Copper/Lead Destroyer™ advantages:

  • Designed to remove copper & lead
  • Will dissolve and remove chlorides and salts
  • Safe on all metals, won’t etch or pit barrels
  • Powerful & fast acting – works quickly
  • Environmentally friendly
  • American ingenuity & American made at its BEST

Carbon, grease & oil compounds that must be removed to open up the pores of the metal

Additional “GOOD Stuff” to know:

Carbon Destroyer has “shock & awe” power.  Shooters tell us all the time that this is the “best carbon cleaning formula they have ever seen.”  Although it will even blast through contaminants such as Cosmoline like Spartacus going through a Roman legion, it is water-based (not a high VOC solvent), gentle, people and Earth safe, and it doesn’t even have a bad smell.  This proprietary formula was originally designed to remove the heavy baked on carbon deposits from fighter jet engines and machine gun ports, such as on the 30mm GAU-8 Avenger cannons. It quickly and aggressively destroys the carbon while at the same time remaining safe for use on exotic metals.  After hundreds of thousands of dollars in research, testing and product development, this formula has been certified by all the large aerospace manufacturers. Using its micro-emulsion (water & oil molecularly joined) Carbon Blasting technology to penetrate into even the smallest microscopic “contaminant grabbing” pores and crevices, it will quickly and easily accomplish the mission of cleaning your firearms.