“Good isn’t Cheap, and Cheap is Expensive!”

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Ace Luciano


“Good isn’t Cheap, and Cheap is Expensive!”

That’s the underlying philosophy of

The tradesman explained that he had saved the company a few bucks by using less concrete in the slurry, but he assured my father that it would pour and set up just fine.

My father then asked him who was going to have to re-pour the concrete when it cracked because the concrete didn’t have the strength it should.

“Are you going to come to the job for free? Buy the materials and donate your labor in order to make this right?”

“No, sir.” 

Fatherly advise

“That’s right, I am going to have to make good on your work. You might save me a few bucks today, but you cost me a LOT of money in the long run. Good isn’t cheap, and cheap is expensive.

Now make that slurry the right way before you start the job.” My father took the same approach to our equipment, whether it was tools for the business, camping and outdoor gear, or shooting gear.

He used to tell me, “Always get the very best, highest quality gear, equipment, and tools that you can afford. It is always better to wait a little bit and save more money to buy the RIGHT gear than to spend years wishing that you had or, worse yet, experiencing failure of that gear, tool, or piece of equipment at what is typically the worst possible moment.”

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Final Thoughts

That was 40 years ago when he was purchasing a high quality sleeping bag that he still uses today, every year…

several times per year.

That’s why I became a contributor to To help outdoor and gun enthusiasts easily and quickly find the best high-quality gear and equipment at a fair price.

You won’t find the cheapest prices here, but when you balance quality with price you WILL find the best value on outdoor and shooting gear anywhere in the world.

I realize that without your patronage and support this site would not exist. So I encourage you to help us continue in our mission of being the BEST source for top quality gear anywhere in the world.

Please tell us about your experience with us, good or bad. (We try but we are not perfect. However if you communicate with us I promise you that my team and I will make any problem you have right! I insist that each and every customer be treated as I would want my own mother or father treated.)

Jerry “Ace” Luciano

"There are many people who go hunting. I am a HUNTER."

What set out to do was to help customers find good and high-quality gear and equipment for shooters, hunters, and outdoorsman and women at a fair price that they could have confidence in- and, even more specifically, to help some brands that may be of exceptional quality but lesser well-known to bring their products to market.

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We realize that we are here solely because of the patronage and support of our customers.

We realize that we are here solely because of the patronage and support of our customers. They are and always will be number one.

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