Your Rights as an American

To say that we live in tumultuous times these days is a gross understatement.

We are currently in the midst of a quarantine that was put into place in March. The economy has been up, down, sideways, up, and, while the stock market continues to climb, Unemployment remains a significant problem with a great deal of people having lost their jobs due to the quarantine, as a result of loss Of business from the quarantine, or a combination of the above.


People are protesting in numerous places for numerous reasons across the country. Some of those protests are peaceful. Some of those protests, not so much.

Prominent athletes and athletic teams are utilizing their positions, stature, and platforms by doing everything from kneeling during the national anthem to wearing shirts with political messages before games to actually canceling contest between two teams in the name of “protest.”


Like I said...crazy. 


Our founding fathers, seeking to conduct an “experiment in freedom” spent a great deal of time, effort, energy, bloodshed, and debate in order that they secure for the citizens of this nation certain rights.


We have the right to freedom of speech without fear of retribution or imprisonment based on personal opinion. 

We have the right to peaceful assembly, and the right to freely practice whatever religion we choose. We are guaranteed to be free from the imposition of quartering soldiers, free from unreasonable search or seizure, unlawful prosecution, and have the right to not only a speedy and expeditious trial, but one conducted by not just A magistrate- but a jury of 12 of our “peers.“


We, as free citizens of the United States, have a right to keep and bear arms that shall not be infringed.


Perhaps one of the most genius things our founding fathers devised was the ability and right for every citizen to take part in the politics and leadership of this country through their right to vote for the representatives at the local, state, federal, and presidential levels.


Rather than build our country as a straight “democracy“ which, their extensive study of history and historical civilizations, showed extremely high risk of not just failure, but disastrous results for all democratic nations, they built the political foundation of our country as a representative republic.

The founders devised the concept of the “electoral college“ to ensure that political elite would need to take into account the desires, wants, and needs of all citizens – not just those that lived in highly populated areas such as large cities and centers of commerce. 

Their reasoning for this was so that the vote of the country farmer carried as much weight as the vote of the urban merchant or politician. 


For you, that means that your vote counts.


Every single person.


Exercising your constitutional right to vote, regardless of your political beliefs or alignments is, quite possibly, the single most important civic responsibility of every United States citizen.

Your opinion, your view, your thoughts, and your desires for the future of this great nation matter.

Many would argue that, at least in the current political climate, that opinion and vote matter more than ever.


We are at a crossroads in the future of our nation. 


Which path we take is for you and all citizens like you to decide.


Make sure you take the steps and the time necessary to exercise this all important constitutional right to influence the path and future of this great nation.

Do your research. 

Become educated on all sides of issues that matter to you and this nation. 

Cast your vote for the candidate that aligns with your values and belie

In celebration of the United States and the freedoms we are Bestowed upon by our creator and acknowledged in the greatest political document in history, Use the code VOTE2020 for 10% off your order. 


Let freedom ring


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