Would you like to be involved in the exciting firearms, outdoor and accessories industry?

You can travel to shows, try out new equipment, and get famer, fortune, and PERKS…(Okay, "Fortune" might be an exaggeration...) 

All while being involved in a business you love!

Obviously you need to be a shooting, hunting, or outdoor enthusiast.

Are you “the guy“ or “the gal“ that all your friends come to for advice on guns, ammo, reloading, knives, hunting, shooting, optics, or anything else related to the outdoors, this might be a perfect opportunity for you?

Have you ever looked at someone on an outdoor television show, YouTube channel, or listen to a podcast and thought to yourself, “I could do that!“?

... and you love guns and 2A culture - we want to talk to you.

The Best Shooting Site is putting together a “ProStaff Team"

The term “Prostaff“ has come to mean many different things over the past several decades. Years ago, pre-Internet, a ProStaff Team member was usually limited to someone who attended trade shows and weekend events at retail stores promoting products. As those programs evolved, many were split into separate levels that allowed for paid sponsorships for things like television shows, radio shows, or professional shooters/professional fisherman.

Though we welcome superstars that align with our brand, we are looking for the right people in and out of the outdoor industry to grow with us.

Who are we? We are a new company in the space with a team of experienced veterans in the outdoors and business.You’ll be a member of our family – integral to the success of our brand and yours. We, in turn, will introduce you to numerous brands, companies, people, and movers and shakers in and out of the industry as part of our and your daily responsibility's. Our goal is for us to grow together.

Who are you? 

You are well spoken and carry on an intelligent conversation in your area of expertise. You love to do what you do and wish you could do it more often.

We don’t care if you have five, 500, or 5 million “social media“ connections. (OK – if you have 5 million, we care… At least a little…) What we really care about is YOU and YOUR brand and expertise.

We are looking for people like us-people that have a passion for hunting, shooting, guns, the outdoors, and quality products at great prices.

Do we have your interest? 

Click on the link below and let us know how we can grow together.               

Sign Up Here!

Ace Luciano
"There are many people who go hunting. I am a HUNTER."
October 08, 2020 — Store Administrator

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