Past sins should not dictate future treatment
Just as past good deeds do not excuse current bad behavior


One of the benefits of having a platform is sometimes being able to hijack it to post important messages that need to get out.

There are a great deal of posts across social media, as well as features on the news talking about the past bad deeds of George Floyd, and how he was a criminal multiple times over.


I checked- 


George Floyd was NOT a good dude- at all. 


He was actually a rather BAD dude. 


Bad guys have rights, too. 

The entire purpose of our constitution is not to “give us rights,“ but, rather, to prevent the violation and abuse of those rights – especially from a government or officers of the government.

That’s the thing that makes this country great above all others. 

I addition to being a bad guy- 

He was also a mother’s child. 

He was a father’s son. 

He was a nephew and a father. 

He made a lot of really bad choices- and he deserved punishment for those bad choices. 

Ironically, I often DO pretend to “know everything.” 

I pride myself on being widely educated on a diverse array of topics and am a recognized expert in several. 

What many might not know is that I am also a Knight of Columbus, a believer in service to others and for the common good, a dedicated father, and a proud son of what was certainly the best mother on the planet, who, while taken from us much to early, was always adamant and consistent in her message - 



Mom would often shake her head at things on the news and ask, “What is wrong with people? Can’t they just be a good person?” 

I think that we could accomplish a great deal if, rather than encouraging “protest and looting,” we uniformly encouraged just 5 minutes a day of self-reflection on being the best we could be. 

Religious leaders often do that, but too many people have abandoned God and the church. 

The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts used to be excellent sources of positive messages before it not only stopped “being cool” to be part of, but changed their message to one of apparent conflicting instruction. 

One of the people that I admire for his ability and dedication in doing this is Master Scott Krenz and his “Building Great Kids” program. 

If you aren’t aware of it, you owe it to yourself to check it out. 

Building great kids builds great people, and great people treat others with respect, are not bullies, and defend others. 

Check them out at:



One thing is certain... We need to do better. 

My friend and mentor, Steve Sipress, expresses it well when he recently posted, 


“Some people identify as religious, others as atheists. 


Some people who claim to love God and have a deep connection with Him still end up doing horrible things to others, while some people who have no religious teachings to guide them on what is right or wrong are still compassionate, helpful and caring human beings.

Some people look at it as spiritual warfare - you’re either with us or against us. 

This is true for both sides. Some will kill for their beliefs and others avoid even opening their minds to believing, because they’ve seen those who believe kill. 


Heady stuff, I know, but sometimes we have to hit reality head on if we don’t want to get run over by it. 


The word God has become emotionally-charged. 


When most people hear this word, they have a knee jerk reaction to it, and an automatic process that makes them instantly feel a certain way upon hearing this word. “

Ace Luciano

"There are many people who go hunting. I am a HUNTER."
June 05, 2020 — Store Administrator

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