If I had to Choose ONLY ONE THING To Carry...

Being someone that has made my living in the outdoors for the better part of two decades, I’m frequently asked for advice on things such as what type of gun someone should buy, numerous opinions on accessories, scopes and optics, even accessories for vehicles and ATV/UTV‘s.

Since the advent of the television show “survivor” and others that mimic and even take the original premise of the show to the extreme like my new favorite, “Alone,” where 10 people are dropped off in the wilderness and the person that stays out and survives the longest wins, those discussions and questions often revolve around the necessary equipment to survive and stay alive in the woods.















Quite frankly, you can boil down all of the choices of gear that people take into the woods and their ability to survive to this one, absolutely critical and essential piece of equipment.

This single item can often mean the difference between spending a “comfortable“ night out and not SURVIVING your night out.

It is such a simple thing that many people overlook it when they are going for short hikes, or even quick overnights out in the wilderness.


That single, most essential piece of equipment is a sturdy sheath knife with a minimum of a 4 inch blade – preferably longer - as long as seven or 8 inches.


So, why a knife?


Millions of years ago, one of our ancestors picked uo a chip of rock or obsidian and realized its potential. Many of the necessary tasks of his day, such as removing the skin of animals that were taken with a rock, shaping softer materials into useful things like spears and cordage, and even being lashed onto the ends of a pole or, later, on the tip of an arrow, became easier thanks to this wonder tool.
Wild game now had less advantage. Shelter could now be more easily fashioned from someting other than a hole in the rocks. 
Continuting today and in every conceivable situation, a knife is a "force multiplier" in many ways. 


Almost everything you need can be made, shaped, formed, acquired, hunted, or harvested with a knife.

With a sharp knife, you can sharpen a six or 7 foot long pole Into a spear. Now you have both a means of defense and and effective hunting tool.

Using a block of wood as a mallet, you can use a heavy duty sheath knife to cut trees and branches in order to build a shelter.

You can use the metal on the knife to spark against Flint to create fire. Additionally, you can fashion a bow and spindle set up to make friction fires.

Of course, you can use the knife for simple things like cutting bits of rope, string, or cordage for various uses including shelter building, fashioning a bow and arrow set, or even using it to clean and cut up fish or game that you harvest.


The utilities of a knife don’t end there.
As a matter fact, since I was seven or eight years old, some sort of blade has been on my person practically every waking moment of every single day. I’ve carried Swiss Army knives, lockback knives, and various sheath knives in around my daily activities. I use them for simple things like opening envelopes, opening boxes, general cutting, and, also importantly, as a means of defense. 


Yes, the most important piece of equipment a human being can possess is a knife, and we’ve got plenty of them here at thebestshootingsite.com for you to look at and purchase. 

Two of of my favorites are the Big Bear Bowie Kife or the Stag Hunter by B & B Knives because of their handsome look, full-tang construction, and their size and design that is perfect for typical outdoor activity use as well as survival... 

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite knife is, where you got it, and what other pieces of equipment you feel are essential for daily carry – especially out in the woods.
Ace Luciano
"There are many people who go hunting. I am a HUNTER."
July 31, 2020 — Store Administrator

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