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I just talked to someone in North Dakota about a new hunting opportunity. 

Eventually, conversation came around to the proliferation of leases in a state that, for 100 years, was completely ANTI “lease” or “trespass fee.” 

This native ND-an then let me know all of the things that had happened on their family’s two farms. 

-a prize Bull was shot in the paddock by an errant shot at a deer. 

-a group of hunters used their roadside-visible ravine as their personal garbage dump site. 

-a horse was shot and left dead in the field. 

-the only time this individual could remember as a youth that game and fish came to their farm, they wrote tickets to the same group for over limit on ducks, over limit on geese, littering, possession of 7 hen pheasants (which they thought were sharp tails), and unplugged guns while hunting migratory game birds. 

I couldn’t believe anyone would shoot a horse or bull by mistake, but a quick internet search proved that was not the case. 

We have a hard enough time finding places to hunt without knuckleheads like these making it harder. 

I’ve gotten permission to hunt on places simply by picking up trash I saw by the road. 

I pick up every empty shotgun shell I can find- including those of others. 

We all need to do better. 

Ace Luciano

"There are many people who go hunting. I am a HUNTER."

June 20, 2020 — Christopher Jacobs

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