"Free" Is one of the most powerful words in advertising and in life."

Is there any wonder why all animals yearn to be "free?" 

You can put a lion in a cage for weeks- but the minute you open it, he'll try to eat you- then go on his way. 

A bird, rehabilitated of a broken wing, wants nothing more than to fly- and will do so the first chance it gets. 

Every human is born with the capacity and desire to be FREE. 

Though you would never know it by the actions of many of our duly elected government officials over the past few months, (and some of them for much, much, MUCH longer than that…) The United States is still regarded as an “experiment in freedom.“
244 years ago when our founding fathers decided that they would throw off the yoke of oppression and taxation without representation to become what was, and is, the only free nation in history, it was a big gamble for them.
After all, up to this point in human history everybody belonged to a certain place in the hierarchy of society.

If you were of royalty or granted royalty, you tended to be rather wealthy, live well, and did well. You likely had lands that you owned and were able to gather income from others that rented land and buildings from you. If you were “knighted“, you became privy to many of the same benefits and services of those in royalty, but still served at the whim of your leader.
Merchants were similar to today’s “middle class,“ – while they had more than the peasants, they weren’t royalty, had to pay what was sometimes and egregious amount in taxes, yet still managed to scratch out a living, live decently, and do business in the kingdom.

Then there were the peasants… These are the people at the bottom of society. Some were poor and destitute, others were sustenance farmers that grew enough food and had a few animals such that they could feed their families and, usually, make it through the coming winter until the following spring where they would do it all over again.
On July 4, 1776, all of that changed.

From the actions of those 56 men whose names were practically signed in blood at the bottom of the Declaration of Independence, there now came a place in the world where your birth, luck, lineage, and heritage mattered not, for if you came here, you could make of yourself what you wished. You could be healthy, wealthy, rich, successful, own land, own buildings, sell your own goods at prices you determined, and, basically, do or be anything you chose.

It’s something that many these days take for granted. I must be getting old, because I recall Independence Day being a much bigger thing as a youth. Entire cities and towns emptied into the streets to watch the “Independence Day Parade” and to honor veterans both current and past for the sacrifices they made sure that we all may live in freedom.

People relaxed and got together for barbecues, every small town in America had events of some kind all weekend, and the biggest celebrations were capped off with an evening display of fireworks, replicating “the rockets’ red glare,” and “the bombs bursting in air.” Flags were everywhere to be seen.

Today, it seems half of them are out for some rebellious sort to deface or burn them…
Families got together and prayed over food that was delivered to their table via various chains of convenience unheard of 244 years ago, but made entirely possible because of what happened then…
If you watch the news these days, you would think that our entire population had forgotten these things. Many demand things like “free“ healthcare and “free“ education- with none of them having the concept of how or where “free“ actually comes from. They claim that the entire country should give up their individual freedom “for the good of the collective,” never mind that it might not be the best thing for you and your family.

Thousands of people today riot in the streets, attempting to erase and to deface history - choosing to forget the lessons of the past, rather than become educated on it so that those mistakes made then may never happen again…
Our brave public servants in the police, fire, and rescue are continuously and mercilessly harassed, harangued, and abused verbally, mentally, and physically - some to the point of death - so that we, the people that they serve, may be safe.

At thebestshootingsite.com, we remember and respect our history, our heritage, and, especially today, our heroes in and out of uniform in the military, police, fire and rescue, as well as all the patriots over the years that have scarified so much so that we can have this “experiment in freedom,” and both hope and recommend that all of our customers will, too.

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We know that you are “free“ to choose to do business with anyone in the world.
We are happy and grateful that you choose to do that business with us.
Thanks to those brave 56 men 244 years ago, we all have that freedom-asked to be in business, you to patronize our business, and each and every one of us to live, free, in the greatest country on earth.
God Bless America, and Happy Independence Day!

July 03, 2020 — Store Administrator

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