Everyone Wants to be a LION.

I’ve recently become a fan of the television show, “Billions.” 

If you haven’t watched it, the short explanation is that the lead characters are both “flawed heroes.” One, a hero of capitalism and independence, the other a hero of service and the law. One is a man with unlimited resources. The other, a man with nothing to lose. 

The two characters couldn’t be more different, with the exception of the willingness to  do whatever it takes to win- even if that means  breaking the rules. 

At the end of the first season, the antagonist talks about “everyone stares at the lions at the zoo, not knowing why-  because, deep down, EVERYBODY wants to be a lion.”

TheBestShootingSite.com was started by a group of people that are and wanted to appeal to the “lions” of the world. 

They didn’t want to play the game of “lowest prices on the internet.” 

If you want that, Amazon and EBay are pretty easy to find. 

No- rather, they wanted to make sure they gave their customers great service on great, but possibly “lesser known” products at fair prices for their “lion” customers. 

We are currently looking for ”lion” manufacturers. 
We are looking for “lion” customers. 
We are looking for “lion” writers, influencers and other partners that want to be a part of something that is DIFFERENT than all the other online retailers out there. 


If you’re a potential customer not familiar with TheBestShootingSite.com, go on over and take a look at some of the products they have there. 

Check out the collection of gun cases, fine knives, and optics collection we have available. 

Are you a manufacturer or distributor? 

Do you have a product or products for the outdoor or firearms marketplace? 

We want to sell more of it for you. 

If you know that you’re a LION, we want to talk with you. 

Until then...

Good hunting!! 

Ace Luciano
"There are many people who go hunting. I am a HUNTER."
June 11, 2020 — Store Administrator

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